Recital 2020 ReInvented!

Our students have worked so hard this year and overcome the challenges of this time, so what better way to share all of their work than with as many family, friends, loved ones as possible. Let’s finish this year of hard work with a CELEBRATION! Let’s finish this year of hard work with a VIRTUAL RECITAL!

What is a Virtual Recital?

Best Things About A Virtual Recital:

Can I invite my friends?

YES! A schedule of the recital performances will be posted and you can invite anyone, free of charge.

How can I participate?

What equipment is needed at home?

Virtual Recital Preparation

All classes will be held virtually leading up to the recital. Dancers will continue to work on recital choreography in weekly BPAC live virtual classes that will continue through June 26th. In the week June 20-26 of classes, students will be in full costume for a dress rehearsal. Please hang costumes after the dress rehearsal and keep all elements of the costume together. In addition, dancers have access to the BAND app to Recital Choreography practice videos. We encourage all students to participate in the virtual recital, classmates depend on each other for support.

Where is my costume?

Costumes are still arriving. There will be a curbside pick up with social distancing for all costumes that we have thus received on Saturday, May 30, 2020. A schedule will be posted to help with social distancing. All who are picking up costumes MUST wear a mask. Pick up will be in front of the studio, outside the church. There will be chalk marks on the ground to indicate 6 foot distancing from both directions of the building. Please join the line from either direction. We will alternate from both lines to hand out costumes.

Will there still be an onstage performance?

HOPEFULLY!We cannot say when, but we still are very determined to produce the recital as we originally intended or at least get each group of dancers an opportunity to perform onstage with an audience. When we are allowed to, we will begin to plan and everyone who has remained in the program will receive an email with rehearsal times to refresh choreo and prepare to move to a stage.