Picture Day

Picture Day, Saturday, April 6, 2019

Saturday, April 6th, 2019 is Picture Day and no classes held this day. Picture day is held at the The Cornerstone Center, 1st floor upstairs from the studio. Please arrive in full costume and if your child is in more than one class please review times for all classes that your child is in as to plan accordingly. Carry dance shoes to picture day and change into your dance shoes on site.

All students are expected to participate in Picture Day as each class takes a Class Photo and it is featured in the Souvenir Program Book. Don’t forget to choose a photo to place a personal ad in the Souvenir Program Booklet to send a personal message to your little dancer.

Recital tights will be handed out by the end of March. An order form will be handed out prior to picture day. The order form will also be placed on the website in case you need extra to print.

Click on the link below to see the 2 minute tutorial for any instructions.

  1. hair… away from face, up and styled. Accessories to the right side or center depending on what it is (tiara would be center)
  2. makeup light… mascara, cheeks and a little gloss or light color on the lips
  3. tights… suntan
  4. Please be PROMPT for your picture time (that means early so we can stick to schedule)


Location: 178 Bennett Avenue in The Cornerstone Center (1 block West of Broadway at 189th Street)

link to download here ->PICTURE DAY SCHEDULE