BRING A FRIEND TO CLASS! Feb. 16-22, 2019!

We are excited to have our students “bring a friend to class”. This is a great opportunity to share with friends our love for Broadway Performing Arts Center. Our friends are not required to wear the BPAC dress code, we do invite our BPAC dancers & friends to match! They can choose to wear matching T-shirts. We want our new friends to feel welcomed. We will have loaner shoes available for them to borrow, there are limited sizes and quantities. Only students with parent permission forms will be allowed to participate.

In order for our friends to participate, they will be required to have a parent fill out the required form. Click here to download the form.

Please read the following information very carefully:

Tuition & Recital Fees:

All monthly tuition was posted to the accounts today, January 1st and will be processed tomorrow January 2nd. Please log into your account to be advised as to if you may have any additional charges from previous balances & any classes with recital fees you may have added. Bi-Annual tuitions will be charged February 1st.


Please be reminded that it is extremely important that your child be in all classes in which they are enrolled. It is also essential that you arrive early to walk in to class on time and be a few minutes early for pickup. Please dress your child at home or if it is necessary to dress them at The Cornerstone Center, please do so in the bathroom stalls as we share all public spaces with other organizations.

Dresscode & Hygiene:

Please be sure that all students are in proper dress code for classes. This is also a great teaching moment for the older students in laundering their dance attire and being prepared for class. Please also remind the older students that it is important to shower daily, use deoderants and properly pull hair away from the face prior to class.

Make Up Classes:

All classes to make up, must be completed by the end of March.

Closures and Cancellations:

We are approaching the winter months and messy weather. In the event of closures & cancellations all information will be posted to the Website & Facebook. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates.