Terms and Conditions

Below is the  Broadway Performing Arts Center & customer agreement and expectations of the family participation in the program. By signing up and participation in our program, you agree to the below information.

PERMISSION TO PARTICIPATE: I understand by enrolling my child in this program, I am granting permission to participate in physical activity at Broadway Performing Arts Center and any outside performances.  I understand that in any physical activity, there is chance of an accident or injury.  I understand the nature of the activities in which my child will be participating. My child is in proper physical condition and capable of participating in the activities.

TUITION/CHARGES:  I understand that there is a yearly registration fee due upon registration for all programs and expires August 31st of that calendar year.  I understand that all tuition and fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full for the child to attend class, perform in the recital and the purchase of recital tickets.  I also understand that tuition is due the 1st day of the month.  All tuition payments made after the 5th, will incur a $10 late fee.  All account holders are responsible for storing a credit card on file and granting permission to BPAC to collect payments. Should an account holder use another payment method, said payment will be recorded in the account and be credited to avoid the card on file being charged.  Other payments must be made by the last day of the month to avoid being processed on the 1st.

RECITAL/SHOW POLICY: I understand that all school year students must pay the Recital/Show Fee (includes costume & tights) for each dance for the recital/show and is non-refundable.  I understand that there is an additional charge ($10) for XL, XXL and adult size costumes.  I understand that my child may perform in more that 1 recital and recital dance.  I understand that everyone attending the recital must purchase a ticket for the show.

PHOTE/VIDEO RELEASE: I give BPAC and the photography/video company chosen and hired by BPAC, permission to use photos, videos and names of the enrolled student for educational and promotional purposes.  I also authorize BPAC to use photos and video taken of my child and me while at class or other BPAC functions for educational and promotional purposes.  I understand that flash photography and video recording is not permitted at the Annual Recital.

DRESS CODE: The BPAC Dress Code is designed to instill discipline and uniformity.  I understand that the enrolled student must comply with the BPAC dress code.  All dance attire must be purchased through BPAC and any outside attire must be approved by the Studio Director.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance and punctuality is important to the progress of the student. I understand that I am entering into a program and must contact BPAC in the event  of absences of 2 or more consistent weeks.  I understand that school year classes can made up prior to March.   I understand that students must not miss more than 3 classes starting in February. Should my child have any absences more than 3, this may result in not performing in the recital.  I understand that the student MUST attend the technical rehearsal to perform in the recital.

CALENDAR: I understand that the calendar for the school year and important information is on the website and in the event of inclement weather and the possibly of classes canceled, I will need to check the website for instructions.  I also understand that BPAC will make an effort to reschedule, but is not required to schedule make up classes due to an emergency cancelation.  I understand that all locations are subject to change.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Written notice is required to cancel a class.  In order to stop further tuition obligations for a session, the Class Cancellation Notice form must be completed and turned in to BPAC staff, before the first calendar day of the month (not the first class meeting), except for January.  Cancellations for January must be received by December 16th.  The account holder is responsible for tuition payments, account charges, late fees incurred through the last day of the month regardless of attendance. If registered for the recital, costumes must be picked up by the end of May or the costume becomes property of BPAC.

RELEASE: On behalf of myself and my child, I hereby release and hold harmless Broadway Performing Arts Center and its owners, instructors, employees, contractors, landlords and any other student(s) any and all rights and claims against Broadway Performing Arts Center and all its staff and any other person.  I understand that BPAC is not responsible for any personal belongings not belonging to BPAC.

I understand that in the event of an emergency (medical or other), every effort to contact the parent or emergency contact will be made.  Should any and all contacts not be available, I grant permission for the medical provider (selected by BPAC staff members) to take the necessary steps to secure proper treatments to assist my child including ambulatory and emergency medial care.